FLY Ash Or Cement Grouting Hose


fly ash grouting hose


Lining : Uniform seamless and extra thick lining of highly abrasion resistant soft rubber compound.

Reinforcement : Woven, braided or spirally wrapped textile material of natural or synthetic fibers.

Cover : Cloth – marked finish natural compound resistant to abrasion and weather.

Electrical Bonding : Copper wire comprising a number of strands is incorporated between the reinforcement plies to provide electrical continuity along the whole length of the hose.

Temperature Range : -40 0F to + 158 0F

Length : Up to 18.5 meters

From the Chairman’s Desk

Jyoti Rubber Udyog (India) Limited is committed to providing unquantifiable services and rubber products to all types of Industries (depending on the category of product). Our Rubber products vary from type and type, depending on its use – and we ensure that the quality of these products are not compromised during the time of production. Even so, we put our customers in the forefront in all our practices, to encourage each customer to return with superlative reviews and testimonies. And also purchase more. With outstanding reputation and over a thousand customers in India and Global market, we believe we have met a benchmark. And hope to do more to add value to our benefits to our products, helping customers to obtain their expectation in both quality, brilliance and durability.

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